Booster Club

2016 – 2017 Booster Club Members

Ackerman- Tom, Angel & Family
Bayer- Lisa & Family
Bennett- Candice & Family
Betz- Derek, Kelly & Family
Bommarito Family
Bowley- Ralph & Family
Caponi- Eric, Susan & Family
Casper- Ken, Brandy & Family
Caswell- Bill, Joyce & Family
Clay- Collette & Family
Cortese- Michael & Family
Coughlin- Craig, Dana & Family
Davis- Tremont & Family
DeMond- Rebecca & Family
Dibadj- Tom, Shannon & Family
>Doerr- Dan, Tina & Family
Donahue- Jennifer & Family
Douglas- Julie & Family
Firestone Family
Gaskill- Brian, Jane & Family
Glasscock Family
Goerger- Yvonne & Family
Goodman- Erica & Family
Goodrich- Byron, Sara & Family
Grupe- Diane & Family
Haas- Jay, Deanna & Family
Henke- Mark, Stacey & Family
Hensel- Michelle, Rick & Family
Hillier- Paul, Holly & Family
Hilpert- Scott & Family
Holmes- Rick & Family
Hoolihan- Melissa & Family
Jaster- Maria, Greg & Family
Kinnikin- Sue & Family
Koderhandt- Terry & Family
Kokotovich- Lisa & Family
Kossina- Susie & Family
Kurtz- Mary Barbara & Family
Laing- Julie
Lanxon- Mark, Sarah & Family
Lay- Randy
McCloskey- Jackie & Family
McCullough- Steven & Lynn
McGrew- Tanya & Family
Mentzer- Joan, Craig & Family
Missey- Jennifer & Family
Neff- Terry & Family
Oldham- Gayle & Family
Papproth- Bryan
Parris- Max & Family
Rakers- Greg & Family
Richardson- Jackie, Jerry & Family
Rosenkranz- Kara
Seales- Lesa & Family
Shea- Dennis, Candace & Family
Shipp- Kevin, Shelley & Family
Sierra- Sara, Gregory & Family
Slocomb- Joshua & Family
Spillan- Bob, Linda & Family
Stammer- Susan & Family
Valerius- Brian, Jody & Family
Vallandingham Family
Vokes- Beverly, Robert & Family
Westerheide- Rich, Emily & Family
Wirth- Pamela & Family
Zirkelbach- Christen & Family

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– Perks of Being in the Club –

BOOSTER CLUB PASSES are $100 for free admission into all Belleville West Athletic events, excluding IHSA Tournament Contests.

Maroon Plaza

Become a part of history on the West Campus

Order your brick today!
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1.  A 4″x8″x2″ brick with 1-3 lines of text $100.00
2.  A 8″x8″x2″ brick with 1-5 lines of text $200.00
3.  A 8″x8″x2″ brick with 3″x5″ Logo $250.00
4. A 48″x16″ granite bench (limited number) $1,200.00
Your brick will be displayed for future generations to see and enjoy!

Tax Deductible Donation
Proceeds benefit Belleville West Athletic Program